The process of embodying clay 

Working with clay allows for a complete embodiment of the material as the forms are allowed to emerge through an inner dialog with the clay. The dialog with the clay fuels creativity and curiosity as movements of the clay works its way to its final composition. This plasticity of the clay allows for a sense of freedom while creating and lets the maker also become an observer while the creation is in process.

To have an experimental approach to my work allows me to explore different clay bodies, additives to the clay body, and explore glaze recipes that can seem to almost explode over the clay. The bodily approach to the clay is seen through my work as abstract human poses or fragments of my own human nature emerges through my coiling process. The openings often appearing in my sculptures represent the invisible inner essence of existence.

To allow clay to come back to nature is also something that my work explores, as building from rocks, tree branches or putting natural materials into the clay body to merge them and allow the kiln to become a tool in creating the final object. 

The way the embodiment of the clay allows for a connection to arise, and the artist to become both the observer and the maker is an essential part of my process. To allow for intuition and guidance as the piece is created is the core of my process, and the fingerprints that create the tactile surface of the organic shapes allows me to leave my human mark on the objects.