Galleri Format - Håndverk+ September 2022

RAM galleri - Xmas exhibition December 2021

Designers saturday at Nationalmuseet June 2022

Currently represented by Galerie Philia

My work is found in the following places:

The Ode To

Milla Boutique

Nitja Kunstsenter

Collab Design products - Milla Studio

Artist / Designer

Tlf +47 92 30 40 57


Marthine Spinnangr (b. 1991, Norway) is currently studying medium and material based art at KHIO. Her education includes a Bachelor in Product Design from Oslo Metropolitan University and a Bachelors of Business Administration from University of San Fransisco, California. Spinnangr´s design practice focuses on experimentation, form exploration, intuition, biomorphism and emotional design.